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Steps to success!

You might think that this waffle is all about success criteria, but you would be mistaken. Recently I managed to get my first research article published within a peer-reviewed journal. This was somewhat of a stressful experience and yet I managed to continue to keep focused on achieving this aim. I’m not sure whether this is because I am naturally stubborn or whether my mindset, when it comes to achieving something, is beneficial. Whatever the reason, I thought I would share with you all my own personal journey and thoughts when I am working towards this aim with the possibility that it might be helpful to anyone else who is on a similar journey at the moment.


Am I a failure?

Happy New Year to you all and welcome to my waffling website/blog. This waffle probably should have happened last week, but I wanted to write about life before broadband – thanks to everyone who read that – it got a huge amount of hits and comments on twitter etc. This week is the first of a two part waffle – the first looking at whether or not I have achieved my targets I set myself at the beginning of 2015 and the second to set some targets for 2016 – if you like, new year resolutions without mentioning the word diet! So did I succeed or was I a complete failure in 2015 – let’s get a waffling…