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Working as a team

Team Bridges…

This appears to be the time for conferences, as my twitter time line is awash with hashtags and images of powerpoint slides. Tomorrow I will be attending our faculty away day at a local hotel with the theme of building bridges. Bridges, as you are aware, join two places together usually across some sort of barrier whether this be a river, chasm or transport system. Within universities there exists many faculties and although the chasm between these is limited to the confines of the university buildings, it is always beneficial to establish links between faculties in order to share not only resources but also practice. Last Tuesday I received a ‘bridge’ in the form of an email from the Dean of the Faculty of Arts to attend a session about Team Based Learning. Being keen on any form of learning, I quickly rearranged my calendar in order to attend – so what is my opinion about Team Based Learning (TBL)? Well, this is what this waffle is all about…

Flipping – one year or less!

After my break mass waffling over the Christmas break I have actually come back to the blog with a range of things that I actually want to waffle about. It is very rare that I am actually “spoilt for choice”, usually I wake up on Sunday morning thinking – “What on earth am I going to write about!” I have decided to write a few waffles on technology and teaching and link them to the Horizon Report on Technology. Although this has probably been done a few times across the vastness of the internet, after engaging and researching about a few of these, I wanted to waffle and put my own views across – this week, gym kit on! its time for some flipping!