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Waffling Open Badges – Why they are not working?

Yesterday I wrote a blog post on my personal blog about the subscription system on many of gaming sites such as Twitch and why people would actually engage with these, especially relating to my own content. This got me thinking about my own ‘levels’ and ‘badges’ which I have on this website. It is always very important to reflect on your own practice and how this website runs I consider as part of my practice and so, with my soothsayer’s hat on to try and predict possible reasons, I thought I would attempt to decide way there are currently no Waffling Legends!

Click here for happiness!

I wonder of anyone you actually clicked on the link to this post because of the title? Although I will never really know, I will be able to see how many of you actually visited the site from the link. This is through the wonder of analytics. But are they a positive or negative to visitors engagement to the site – this is what this week’s waffle is all about – analysing those analytics!