Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 47 – Gaming and Badges #wilwafflive

This week I decided to talk about badges and gaming and share with you a personal confession. There was the now famous ‘guess my drawing’ and ‘this is mine, what’s yours’. My plans for future Minecraft servers and my open badges. I even had a chance to run the new titles – successfully this time!

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Personal Waffle – Confession time!

man confessing

Every now and again, I feel that I would like to write more of a personal waffle. When I say personal, I mean that rather than sharing my views or thoughts about teaching, technology and twaddle, I mean that I want to tell you something about myself and how this impacts on my learning and, in some cases, my teaching. This is going to be one of those waffles and I am going to start with a confession…

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Want to play? Let’s play a game!

So this week’s waffle is about another section of the Horizon Report on Technology in Higher Education.The last time I waffled about this I focused on the Flipped Classroom – this week I’m going to focus on something which I really want to get more involved with – so grab those open badges, those actions and levels and prepared to be enjoy some gamification.

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