Are you as satisfied as me?

Here’s a question for you…which song has the lyrics – “I’m on a ride and I want to get off”? Do you know? If you do then add the answer in the comments below. Don’t worry this isn’t turning into a Youtube Daily vlog – I just think it represents how I am feeling at the moment. Last Monday was lovely and although many of you probably worked, it was just nice to work on some different things and not the usual jobs that we need to do. I have many projects on the go at the moment, and something which I like to keep in mind is whether there are providing satisfaction for all the people who engage with them, whether this is my blogs, my gaming stream or even my Youtube videos. At the same time, it is coming to the end of the teaching year at university and students are being asked to complete programme evaluations and the National Student Survey – but do these actually provide an accurate measure of student satisfaction? Well that it is what I wanted to waffle about …

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Technology, the bane of my life!

I rarely get asked to write an article for a research magazine or another blog so imagine how surprised I was when I received an email asking me to write for the university published York Talk magazine. As you can imagine the initial article I wrote was too long – what did you expect from … Read moreTechnology, the bane of my life!

Technological planning

The sun can be very annoying at times! I am sat with my MacBook in my favourite coffee shop writing this and the sun is just beaming into the building bright and cheerful. The problem is, I either get it right in the face so it is blinding and I can’t see my screen, or it on my back and shining on the screen, and I can’t see the screen. The sun definitely needs a dimmer switch! The sun shining onto my screen actually has something to do with this week’s waffle since I want to waffle about the role of technology in the planning.

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