Flipping – one year or less!

After my break from mass waffling over the Christmas holiday I have actually come back to the blog with a range of things that I want to waffle about. It is very rare that I am “spoilt for choice” for content, usually I wake up on Sunday morning thinking – “What on earth am I going to write about!” I have decided to write a few waffles on technology and teaching and link them to the Horizon Report on Technology in Higher Education. Although this has probably been done a few times across the vastness of the internet, after engaging and researching about a few of these, I wanted to waffle and put my own views across – this week, gym kit on! it’s time for some flipping!

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Technology, the bane of my life!

I rarely get asked to write an article for a research magazine or another blog so imagine how surprised I was when I received an email asking me to write for the university published York Talk magazine. As you can imagine the initial article I wrote was too long – what did you expect from … Read moreTechnology, the bane of my life!

Technological planning

The sun can be very annoying at times! I am sat with my MacBook in my favourite coffee shop writing this and the sun is just beaming into the building bright and cheerful. The problem is, I either get it right in the face so it is blinding and I can’t see my screen, or it on my back and shining on the screen, and I can’t see the screen. The sun definitely needs a dimmer switch! The sun shining onto my screen actually has something to do with this week’s waffle since I want to waffle about the role of technology in the planning.

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