What’s your learning style?

Ok, first of all, an apology. Although I started back on my Sunday blogging routine there was, and I hope you noticed, no waffle last Sunday. This was because I was poorly and couldn’t get out of bed until the late afternoon. I hope you were not too disappointed to tune in and find that there was nothing new. And, while we are on the topic of being disappointed there are going to be some changes with this blog that I feel I need to do in order to continue to make things work. Hope you don’t all get cross with me…

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Learning – ‘curious to’ or ‘have to’?

This weekend has been one of those weekends when everything seems to come at once. It was open day at university, the clocks have gone back an hour and the pump on my water cooled PC appears to be having problems and might need to be replaced. Although most of Saturday was taken up with work, I’m still trying to keep up to date with both my streaming schedule and my blogging. It was, however, at Open Day that the idea for this week’s waffle first started as a seed in the quagmire compost where my waffling ideas sprout. Do we learn because we are curious or because we have to?

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