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Primary Science – time for a new QTS skill test?

Well I’m determine to keep on my blogging schedule so this weekend it is a waffle on this blog. I do find this really difficult, especially since I am in the middle of marking at the moment which is taking up a lot of my time – both in and out of work. There is a big difference between marking children’s books every day to marking eighty nine three thousand words assignments in a four week turn around when there is still teaching, school visits and general admin tasks to be completed. However, a target is a target and I am hear sat with my coffee ready to write this waffle. What is it about? Well I have been thinking about primary science for some time, especially since I teach it, and wanted to share with you some of my thoughts about the subject and possibly suggest the implementation of a new QTS skill test….

Why doesn’t school teach…

Apologies first! I was really poorly last week so I wasn’t actually able to write a waffle, hence why there was only a reference to my personal blog post which was suitably titled, Being Ill as a Singleton! Term has come to an end at university although our second and third years are still hard at it on placement so although I would normally hang up my waffling for the holidays, I thought I would continue for a while to give everyone something to read. Also, this week is a bit of a ranting waffle, which is always good for a Sunday. I don’t usually rant in my waffles and, although I am probably going to start by saying it is a rant it will probably end up being just a slight grumble. What do I want to rant/grumble about – well it is the difference between knowledge and skills when we are teaching…