I’ve created a new curriculum!

blue sky thinking

I think I missed read an article this week, thinking that there was going to be a new curriculum by 2021. What I failed to read was this was going to be in Wales…ooops. Throughout my practice I have survived several curriculums which have been brought in by new and existing governments. I remember when the science curriculum had 15 (?) attainment targets and when mathematics had data handling and shape rather than statistics and geometry. Seeing the start of the new curriculum in WALES I was interested to hear the phrases, ‘fit for the 21st century’, ‘creative’ and ‘driven by latest national and international thinking’. It got me thinking, if I was to create or suggest a new curriculum what would it be – hence the title of this week’s waffle.

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Paddling with Padlet

I completed a course over the summer by Colin Gray on podcasting. As well as tackling the technical techniques (don’t you just love alliteration) it had a module on thinking about marketing strategies and your audience. The tagline for my blog has always been teaching, tech and twaddle, and I think this represents how my mind works when thinking about things to waffle about. This week is completely different from last week – I want to waffle about how I use the application Padlet.

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Do learners want to use technology?

A range of technology

And we are off! Freshers are back and timetabled teaching starts next week. I’m a keen user of technology and, as I meet the new learners on the programme, I have started to wonder whether I am implementing too much technology within my teaching and whether, by actually keeping up with new technologies, I am actually not only leaving learners behind but actually using technology when they, as in the learners, are not really interested in its use. Welcome to this week’s waffle…

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