Technology isn’t hard – but learning is.

I got asked a question this week which started me thinking – again. How did I acquire my existing knowledge of technology? Although I readily accept that I am no technological expert/guru, I do accept that I am developing my knowledge of technology all the time, as well as how to apply this technology to the teaching and learning process. I also know that I actually enjoy learning about technology and I’m very motivated to learn about it. But how did I get to where I am now with my understanding and, perhaps more importantly, why am I so motivated by it?

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Sorry, I don’t fit into a box!

Sometimes I like to write these waffles to reflect on a topic or to talk about something which is on my mind. Sometimes, I feel like I want to have a rant. Recently, this is the mathematician in me, I have realised that I am paying one pound extra to have gingerbread syrup in my latte on the morning when, as a gold member, I usually get it free…yes it is a big deal and I have emailed 🙂 .This, however, is not what I want to rant about today – this week is a ranting waffle about boxes!

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I’ve had an interview!

interview process

When you apply for anything, you know and accept that the first step is to get through the shortlisting process and receive that email informing you that you have an interview! It is usually about then that the nerves kick in and you realise that a lot rests on those thirty minutes of talking about yourself and how you do your job. The interview I had this week however, I didn’t even need to apply for! I guess I was almost head hunted! What was it about? Well that is the topic of this week’s waffle…

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