Can this be true? More books = More money!

Can anyone tell me how the world works? Why do I need to know this? Well, as you might be aware I have two blogs, this my professional one and I have a second one which is my ‘personal/gaming’ blog. I blog every Saturday to my personal blog (I love the name I came up with – Back of Beyond!) and yesterday I published a post which was part of the continuing saga of my weird life. Currently, and I’ve just checked, it has a total of forty one views – one of my highest recorded views of any of my blog posts and two comments! Returning to my original question, why does that happen when I write a blog about being weird? Answers, as always, in the comments below . This week’s waffle is something slightly different – I read an article this morning while eating my usual two slices of toast and really thought – could this actual be true? Well, what follows are my thoughts…

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Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 61

Welcome to the return of Wilson Waffling Live! With Episode 61 comes the implementation of some of the elements which I shared with you in my waffle about the new show.Tweet of the Week is still a main feature of the show, but it has gone back to a more of an educational theme. You can catch up with the themes for the next show here.