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Trailers and Teasers for Learning

es, you did just see the trailer for the new Star Wars film appear on your timeline as a waffle from me. I do like Star Wars and of course I am super excited about the new film, but that is not the reason it is appearing as a waffle. Why is it here? Well because it is an excellent starting point for learning.

The joy of reading with technology

It was half way through the week that I thought I would write this waffle but I have been trying to decided whether or not I am enough of an expert to actually waffle about the topic. Initially it was going to be about the joy of reading and or books, but I thought, after reading an online article, I would also put some technology in there as well. So if you are sitting comfortably and with a humble apology to all you literacy experts out there, I shall begin.

All from a book

You might remember, and if you don’t then go back and read it, that I wrote a waffle about the reasons I left primary school to teach in higher education. Within this waffle I mentioned that my first teaching session was not, as you might suspect, to do with mathematics or science, but was, in fact, to do with literacy. The session was from the initial days of the assessing pupil progress grids (APP grids) and was based on how to teach a series of lessons based on a book. What follows is a waffle about this session


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