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Wilson Waffling Live is moving!

Wilson Waffling Live has been a regular event on YouTube for some time now, well for seventy five episodes to be precise. Although traditions are nice it is also important to move with the times and what is happening with current projects. As you might be aware I have my own radio station – Wilson Waffling Radio – and it seems a logical progression, for me in any case, to move the live show away from YouTube and put it on the radio. Believe it or not there are several advantages for this, the main ones you can read below.

Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 74

just made the 20:00 start tonight – why? Because I was playing Overwatch – sorry. Some great ideas for three activities to do with the identification of birds, the regular activity to start the day off and some news about OFSTED in the website roundup – better late than never! Run titles!