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Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 68

So this week I tried to change the format of the Website Roundup – I recorded it with a green screen and a teleprompter – the results? well I guess you need to see them to believe them! As well as the Website round-up there’s the Tweets of the Week and Ask Waffling Wilson and two new segments – Teacher Tidbits (ideas) and a segment all to do with holes. All on this week’s episode of Wilson Waffling Live – run titles!

Which teaching do I prefer ?

Facebook is an interesting place to keep you informed about your friend’s activities. I also tend to use it as a summary of what is happening across the nation and the festivals of the year. Of course, yesterday it was full of the obligatory roses, chocolate and romance – but there was also a splattering of lie ins and smiling faces as the school’s half term began. It made me start to think about the differences between teaching in a primary school and teaching in higher education and when I start to think it naturally leads to a waffle…