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Last one, I promise!

I should have said at the the start of this series of waffles that it should have been a trilogy. Apart from possibly putting me in the same league as Tolkien and Pullman – let me have my dreams – it would have prepared you for the series. Now you returned to find that the subject of my writing hasn’t changed at all and you are going to have to listen/read to another waffle about targets! I’ve felt that I have neglected my first ‘t’ of this site’s tagline, so this week I am going to waffle about setting targets for children…

Paint Brushes

Creativity – Fact or fiction?

My head of programme often says that he wants me to dance during the next semester. Although he might be expected a shocked response, I say that it is fine, mainly because I taught dance within primary schools for many years and, although I am far from being classed an expert, I do understand the pedagogy behind the subject and have a range of activities I could use and/or share with the students. There was one subject/module I was quite shocked about being asked to teach on, and this was the creativity module – why? Because I’m not sure that creativity actually exists…

Mathematics and Selfie Stick

I often like to get give you an insight into the activities I complete within my mathematics sessions. This week we were exploring the aims of the National Curriculum by experiencing an activity that involved creating a life size model of the Big Friendly Giant (BFG) from a replica of his hand. The activity involved a lot of measuring, cooperation and problem solving. I, of course, captured everything with my camera and new selfie stick! You can see the finished products on the Wilson Waffling Facebook Page – don’t forget to give it a ‘like’. Just so you know, some groups deviated from the BFG but still made something fantastic!

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