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Minecraft #5 – Bread and Mining for Iron!

You can never say that I don’t bring you on a journey with me! This episode of Waffling in Minecraft (I think that is the title I’m going to stick with now) I finish off a bit of my farm and then manage to mine into the earth and find me iron for my shears. After clipping a few sheep my bed is ready and I’m both healthy and full of food! I’ve also decided to standardise some of my featured images – and remove my face from everything!

Minecraft #4 – Vegetarian Living begins!

This episode of Minecraft sees me trying to start my attempt of vegetarian living. I’ve started yet again, but got a good map with some water close by! Unfortunately I met a grisly end half way through and ended up hiding in a hole. On a more positive note, I’ve started to use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the video which I was pleased about since TwitchTV just didn’t want to keep my stream up. Unfortunately, when I exported the video it lost its titles – so just imagine.