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Examples of mobile devices

How I became Oh so mobile!

Right, I’m back! Sorry if you have been bored with the Minecraft posts recently, I had a sort of break for Easter but I am back now with some usual teaching, techie or just twaddle! I feel that I have neglected my site for a while and if you are a bit disappointed with my recent waffles then I assure you that I am going to try and improve the next couple of months. In order to get things underway, I thought I would waffle about what I look for and how I continue to create what I consider a mobile technology life…

Video Mania!

I’m writing this waffle on a Saturday, which is unusual for me, since I usually write them Sunday morning while drinking my yummy soya wet latte. I’m currently trying to distract myself from a rather poorly made wet latte and the large degree of coughing and spluttering around me. So rather than having a panic attack and having to rush out…I thought I would write my waffle which today is all about the use of videos.