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Can this be true? More books = More money!

Can anyone tell me how the world works? As you might be aware I have two blogs, this my professional one an a second one which is my ‘personal/gaming’ blog. I blog every Saturday to my personal blog (I love the name I came up with – Back of Beyond!) and yesterday I published a post which was about my anxieties in life. Currently, and I’ve just checked, it has a total of forty one views – one of my highest recorded views of any of my blog posts. Returning to my original question, how does the world work and why does that happen? Answers, as always, in the comments below . This week’s waffle is something slightly different – I read an article this morning while eating my usual two slices of toast and really thought – could this actual be true? Well, what follows are my thoughts…

Charity Days at School

Many of you might have watched or participated in the wonders of Friday which was Children in Need. While I was casting my eyes over my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I saw the photos of people showing off their super hero costumes. I really miss these days from school and I thought I would waffle this week about what makes it a special day, not only for the charity, but for the children and learning.