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Sunday’s Live Minecraft Montage!

Due to the Easter weekend just finishing, I’ve been spending my time enjoying the world of Minecraft. Don’t get worried, this is not going to be another live show on a Sunday! I actually forgot to do Wilson Waffling Live last Sunday so instead I streamed some gameplay of me building and sorting things in Minecraft. I thought I had the Minecraft sound turned on but it didn’t seem to record so there is no ambient or background music/sound – apart from my clicking – sorry. Still lots to enjoy and laugh at though! By the way, I’ve worked out how to grow grass now 🙂

Let’s get-a-levelling

Things have settled down on the server at the moment, with four players kindly building and creating new areas and devices. Being a novice administrator of a server, I’m not too sure what I should do to engage the players within the world so I thought I would just try a few things