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Virtual avatars

Me and my Virtual Me.

I’ve been working a lot in the library recently, reading, highlighting and expanding my own personal understanding of the educational theories relating to the teaching and learning in virtual worlds. As the students returned to university, I found that the time I spent in the library was reduced as my teaching increased once again. Tweeting one morning that I would not be in the library was greeted with a reply that maybe I could be replaced with a virtual copy. Interesting since this week’s waffle was going to be about virtually attending conferences.


Charity Days at School

Many of you might have watched or participated in the wonders of Friday which was Children in Need. While I was casting my eyes over my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I saw the photos of people showing off their super hero costumes. I really miss these days from school and I thought I would waffle this week about what makes it a special day, not only for the charity, but for the children and learning.