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Any time, any place, any where?

I’ve just been preparing for Wilson Waffling Live, reading an article about the correct use of the comma. Normally I would just add the title of the waffle without much thought, but I am currently wondering if I have actually punctuated it correctly. To actually waffle about punctuation and/or literacy would probably not be a perfect choice, due to my lack of expertise within this area. So this week’s waffle is not about books like last week’s or even writing. It’s all about Martinis!

man confessing

Personal Waffle – Confession time!

Every now and again, I feel that I would like to write more of a personal waffle. When I say personal, I mean that rather than sharing my views or thoughts about teaching, technology and twaddle, I mean that I want to tell you something about myself and how this impacts on my learning and, in some cases, my teaching. This is going to be one of those waffles and I am going to start with a confession…

First Steps with Tweeting

As part of my own professional development, I have been writing waffles for other websites. Although I always refer to them as blog posts (waffles sounds a bit unprofessional), they are basically the same format as my waffling posts here. This originally was a waffle I wrote about what to do next with your Twitter account. All the sites require an original waffle (post) with some allowing you to publish it on your own site at a later date. Unfortunately, after submitting this post nearly two months ago, it has been rejected (I assume) so I thought I would post it here.