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Boom! I’m back!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the blogging-sphere – with a resounding boom! I have returned! In order to ease you back into the weekly waffles, this week’s is nothing hard hitting – just a bringing you up to date post!

The joy of reading with technology

It was half way through the week that I thought I would write this waffle but I have been trying to decided whether or not I am enough of an expert to actually waffle about the topic. Initially it was going to be about the joy of reading and or books, but I thought, after reading an online article, I would also put some technology in there as well. So if you are sitting comfortably and with a humble apology to all you literacy experts out there, I shall begin.

Technology and Resources

If you follow me on Twitter you will realise that this waffle might not actually be my first attempt at writing this. My first attempt just would not come together this morning, so after a couple of hours retyping and releasing my frustration in tweets, I have changed tact again and decided to waffle the second part of last week’s waffle. How I use technology with resources.

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