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Science investigations and photobombing!

As part of the first year science module, the students complete their own group investigations in order to further develop their own scientific enquiry skills and subject knowledge. At the end the finished posters get photographed by myself before there is a photo opportunity for the students – of course this is prime photobombing time!

Facing up to selfies?

As I go around visiting students in schools I often come across a display board that has the digital images of the members of the class attached to the months of the year showing when the children’s birthdays are. When I was teaching, these were often taken early on in the year by the teaching assistant and were a perfect way of getting to know the class. However after these have been taken there was a range of activities that I would use them for using the technology which was available. Although technology has changed, I am sure that similar programs and applications exist in the present day classroom that would allow you to replicate the activities I am going to waffle about. So your mission, if you chose to accept it, is to find the new programs to do these old activities – alternatively you could just listen and enjoy :).