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Last one, I promise!

I should have said at the the start of this series of waffles that it should have been a trilogy. Apart from possibly putting me in the same league as Tolkien and Pullman – let me have my dreams – it would have prepared you for the series. Now you returned to find that the subject of my writing hasn’t changed at all and you are going to have to listen/read to another waffle about targets! I’ve felt that I have neglected my first ‘t’ of this site’s tagline, so this week I am going to waffle about setting targets for children…

man confessing

Personal Waffle – Confession time!

Every now and again, I feel that I would like to write more of a personal waffle. When I say personal, I mean that rather than sharing my views or thoughts about teaching, technology and twaddle, I mean that I want to tell you something about myself and how this impacts on my learning and, in some cases, my teaching. This is going to be one of those waffles and I am going to start with a confession…

Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 33 – Placement and Progression #wilwafflive

After a stressful weekend with the leveling up software, it was a great to sit back and enjoy waffling live. This week I talk about progression within my own teaching and provide some advice about completing placements. Also, I had some great questions asked – including “Can science and religion live along side each other?” want to know the answer? It’s all in this weeks show – run titles!