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Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 34 – Videoing, Winners and Selfies #wilwafflive

Hello and welcome to Wilson Waffling Live – which isn’t really live now but it was. So what can you expect from this episode? Well, I had an attempt to video recording within one of my sessions which had interesting outcomes (I wrote a waffle about this too) and I announce the winner of the badge competition and demonstrated how to use a selfie stick in a uni session! What more could you ask for! Run titles…

Facing up to selfies?

As I go around visiting students in schools I often come across a display board that has the digital images of the members of the class attached to the months of the year showing when the children’s birthdays are. When I was teaching, these were often taken early on in the year by the teaching assistant and were a perfect way of getting to know the class. However after these have been taken there was a range of activities that I would use them for using the technology which was available. Although technology has changed, I am sure that similar programs and applications exist in the present day classroom that would allow you to replicate the activities I am going to waffle about. So your mission, if you chose to accept it, is to find the new programs to do these old activities – alternatively you could just listen and enjoy :).