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Wilson Waffling Live Episode 29 – Waves, devices and iMacs #wilwafflive

You would have thought that by episode 29 that I would be able to use the software correctly, but no…yet again, I forgot to turn my mic back on – so if you get that far in the video then sorry. My iMac has crashed and probably burnt, so I had to film this week’s episode with only one machine – but I still managed to get a Mexican wave and a guru into the show! Enjoy! Run titles!

Bring your own – you’re not using mine!

I am reeling in disarray at the moment! As snow falls outside I am in my favourite coffee shop at a different time from my usual Sunday write my waffle time, my iMac has died and there is foam on the top of my latte! What else can go wrong today :). This week I have been rushing home every evening to be involved in the BYOD4Lchat. After learning so much throughout the week, I thought I had to share my views on this topic by writing this week’s waffle about it. So, get your own device, and let’s get waffling!


Six hour epic!

Long days are something that we are get used to. Today was a long session starting at 12:00 and finishing at 18:30 with a one half hour break with the same teaching group enjoying first science and then mathematics. As we progressed through the sessions, I couldn’t let the opportunity go by without catching it on camera…