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I’ve made a decision about things….

This morning I woke and almost had a revelation while I was lying in bed. Don’t worry it wasn’t painful and it soon past. Sometimes, you get into a routine with things and before you know it you are doing it over and over again without little thought. I’m sure that I read once that you need to keep doing something consistently for three weeks before it actually becomes a habit and, after that, you are more likely to engage with it without much thought. But, there comes a time when you have to think – has this habit been going on for too long and is it time to break the habit or change it. Well, that was what my revelation was about…

Teaching Fun with Nature – Part 1

Summer is one of the terms within primary school that becomes a series of events and jobs that before you know it the end of July is here and everyone is breaking up for the summer holidays. It is during this time that the majority of school trips are organised and classes or, in some cases whole schools, embark on coaches to museums, farms and historical settings. While working within school, it came to our attention that although the children knew things about rivers and coasts, mountains and platectonics and countries both far and wide, they did not know anything about their local wildlife. Acknowledging this, and wanting to do something about it, we started a series of lessons entitled ‘Fun with Nature’. After spending some of my childhood as a ‘twitcher’ I eagerly grabbed the topic of birds. This waffle is about some of the activities that we completed together as a class.