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Paddling with Padlet

I completed a course over the summer by Colin Gray on podcasting. As well as tackling the technical techniques (don’t you just love alliteration) it had a module on thinking about marketing strategies and your audience. The tagline for my blog has always been teaching, tech and twaddle, and I think this represents how my mind works when thinking about things to waffle about. This week is completely different from last week – I want to waffle about how I use the application Padlet.

Capture those tasks!

I have many things in my life which I enjoy doing ranging from writing these waffles to streaming games and making YouTube videos. I am passionate about learning and how we can impact on this, and of course, the use of technology. But one area which I dabble my feet in now and again is task and time management and, since the semester has just begun, it seemed appropriate to do a waffle about this…