In search for that elusive job….

Okay – I know I have failed already with one of this year’s target for this blog, but things have changed and because of this so has some priorities. I’m currently trying to develop more of a split between personal and work life, mainly for my own sanity, but also because my activities with my game streaming and the radio station is taking up loads of my time away from work that I don’t really want to complete writing for this blog while ‘away’ from work. Because of this, I am trying to write and hopefully record my waffles at work since essentially I see this blog as part of my professional work life. I’ve planned some time into my calendar and hopefully, if my bosses allow it, I will be able to contribute more regularly once again on this site. It seems strange to be waffling while I am at work, but I am currently taking a break from writing references to eat my ‘wraps’ and write this. This actually leads into the topic of this waffle – no, its not about wraps – its about jobs. As I have been writing references it has got me thinking about what would be my advice for searching out, applying for and succeeding in securing that elusive first job.

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