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Do you want a Researcher or Teacher?

One thing I really enjoy about my job and actually look forward to, is the teaching. I love to communicate, hence the waffling, and to interact with learners. Often this presents its own challenges but, in turn, I like to challenge the learners and I get to see them progress throughout the lessons/modules and hopefully reach their final goal. I wrote last time about the possibility of a QTS Skill Test for science with an emphasis on subject knowledge. Within higher education, as well as the teaching, link tutoring, open days, interview days, marking and general admin, there is the requirement to research, with my current institution requiring three ‘outputs’ every three years. But what do you, as the student, actually want from me as a tutor and, are the two, teaching and researching related? Well that is what this week’s waffle is about…

Science – how I think it should be.

If you have been keeping up to date why my weird life series on my personal blog, you will be aware that my brain is quite unique – I was going to say at times, but I think that should probably read all the time! This morning my brain is being rebellious! It has just written the script for my live show on Monday (20:00 on Youtube – plug plug) and it has decided to go into distraction mode! I’m trying to tame it with some caffeine but I would just like to put out a disclaimer now so, if this is your first waffle of mine you have read, please be reassured that the content is usually better…no comment please from you regulars! Anyway – I wanted to waffle about science this week and what my views are about the curriculum and how it should be taught.

Are you as satisfied as me?

Here’s a question for you…which song has the lyrics – “I’m on a ride and I want to get off”? Do you know? If you do then add the answer in the comments below. Don’t worry this isn’t turning into a Youtube Daily vlog – I just think it represents how I am feeling at the moment. Last Monday was lovely and although many of you probably worked, it was just nice to work on some different things and not the usual jobs that we need to do. I have many projects on the go at the moment, and something which I like to keep in mind is whether there are providing satisfaction for all the people who engage with them, whether this is my blogs, my gaming stream or even my Youtube videos. At the same time, it is coming to the end of the teaching year at university and students are being asked to complete programme evaluations and the National Student Survey – but do these actually provide an accurate measure of student satisfaction? Well that it is what I wanted to waffle about …