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Don’t blame Powerpoint – it’s done nothing wrong…

With the students returning back to university tomorrow, things will be getting back to normal. Many have been working over the Easter break or been on placement, but it is only when the students actually return that the university seems ‘alive’ again. Tomorrow I will start teaching again, mainly mathematics, and I spent some time last week prepping the sessions and putting the resources on the VLE. One resource which is uploaded is the student version of the presentation for the session in the form of PowerPoint slides. I recently read an article about presenting without the use of PowerPoint and I thought I would waffle this week why I think it is important to have something like Powerpoint at our disposal as practitioners…


Why do I teach?

Some week’s the waffle just comes together and I am really keen and ready to write it. Other weeks, there is a huge barrier that appears which actually stops me. I usually await inspiration and this week was one of those week’s that nothing was presenting itself at all and I have tried in vain to start several waffles and really got no where. This will be my third attempt and, because you are reading and/or listening it, means that it actually made it to the publishing phase. What is this waffle about? well quite simple, why do I teach?

From the ashes like a Phoenix!

After all these waffles about targets you are probably ready for something completely different. Well today’s waffle is different in two ways – first its not specifically about targets and secondly its not like the usual waffles when I discuss something. This waffle is about something which is returning and, if you have the time, I would like your opinion about it – good and/or bad. What’s returning – well Wilson Waffling Live of course! Run titles!