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interview process

I’ve had an interview!

When you apply for anything, you know and accept that the first step is to get through the shortlisting process and receive that email informing you that you have an interview! It is usually about then that the nerves kick in and you realise that a lot rests on those thirty minutes of talking about yourself and how you do your job. The interview I had this week however, I didn’t even need to apply for! I guess I was almost head hunted! What was it about? Well that is the topic of this week’s waffle…


A range of technology

Do learners want to use technology?

And we are off! Freshers are back and timetabled teaching starts next week. I’m a keen user of technology and, as I meet the new learners on the programme, I have started to wonder whether I am implementing too much technology within my teaching and whether, by actually keeping up with new technologies, I am actually not only leaving learners behind but actually using technology when they, as in the learners, are not really interested in its use. Welcome to this week’s waffle…

ripples in water with a lion cub

The circle of education?

Friday was a very important day. Not as important as today being the longest day – downhill to winter from here on in! Friday was sign off day for the first years. Yes, they have finished their final placement and their first year at university with only assignment marks to be verified before, after the summer, they start on their second year. Soon, everyone will be finishing for summer and the cycle of education will be completed for this year and a new one started. As this happens I started to think about working within a cycle and how this impacts on both my teaching and my learning…