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Any time, any place, any where?

I’ve just been preparing for Wilson Waffling Live, reading an article about the correct use of the comma. Normally I would just add the title of the waffle without much thought, but I am currently wondering if I have actually punctuated it correctly. To actually waffle about punctuation and/or literacy would probably not be a perfect choice, due to my lack of expertise within this area. So this week’s waffle is not about books like last week’s or even writing. It’s all about Martinis!

Will you be part of my group? – Please!

It always takes a while for my body to get into gear when the students come back full time. Although I have never stopped work over the Easter break, the speed and intensiveness of the work is less and I think, due to having more breaks, I do eat more! Everything is back to almost full speed now and I’m back to my usual cucumber thin throughout the day – if I remember. As I eat it, I often spend my lunch five minutes, checking my feedly and tweeting out articles or collecting stories ready for my live show. It was while looking through my RSS feeds that I came across an article saying how group work actually helps us learn. But how does technology support group work? Well that is the topic of this waffle…

Don’t blame Powerpoint – it’s done nothing wrong…

With the students returning back to university tomorrow, things will be getting back to normal. Many have been working over the Easter break or been on placement, but it is only when the students actually return that the university seems ‘alive’ again. Tomorrow I will start teaching again, mainly mathematics, and I spent some time last week prepping the sessions and putting the resources on the VLE. One resource which is uploaded is the student version of the presentation for the session in the form of PowerPoint slides. I recently read an article about presenting without the use of PowerPoint and I thought I would waffle this week why I think it is important to have something like Powerpoint at our disposal as practitioners…


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