Am I failing technology?

Can we have a chat? As part of the student led sessions within the mathematics module, the students create and deliver a range of activities which show progression throughout a topic – e.g. mass, shape or multiplication. This week the topic was division and there were a range of activities being shared, including one using the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB). This added to series of events and discussion which have occurred throughout the week which have made me think that I might actually be failing in my use of technology…

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Do learners want to use technology?

A range of technology

And we are off! Freshers are back and timetabled teaching starts next week. I’m a keen user of technology and, as I meet the new learners on the programme, I have started to wonder whether I am implementing too much technology within my teaching and whether, by actually keeping up with new technologies, I am actually not only leaving learners behind but actually using technology when they, as in the learners, are not really interested in its use. Welcome to this week’s waffle…

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