Technology isn’t hard – but learning is.

I got asked a question this week which started me thinking – again. How did I acquire my existing knowledge of technology? Although I readily accept that I am no technological expert/guru, I do accept that I am developing my knowledge of technology all the time, as well as how to apply this technology to the teaching and learning process. I also know that I actually enjoy learning about technology and I’m very motivated to learn about it. But how did I get to where I am now with my understanding and, perhaps more importantly, why am I so motivated by it?

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Am I failing technology?

Can we have a chat? As part of the student led sessions within the mathematics module, the students create and deliver a range of activities which show progression throughout a topic – e.g. mass, shape or multiplication. This week the topic was division and there were a range of activities being shared, including one using the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB). This added to series of events and discussion which have occurred throughout the week which have made me think that I might actually be failing in my use of technology…

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Technology and Anti-Bullying – my thoughts.

As you can imagine, I’m reading all the time about the positives and negatives of the use of technology in all aspects of life. There exists many articles in the news about how technology, mainly mobile, and how it impacts on education. It was when reading an article on this that I came across a statement that said – “Allowing mobile phones [in the classroom] would almost certainly increase cyberbullying”. After reading this I put it on the pile to waffle about and here it is….

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