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When do I stop being a teacher and become a person?

Many people might consider me a pessimist because I am realistic about things. I always think it is interesting when you actually acknowledge that what you really wanted to happen will not and that you would be much happier changing direction and channeling your energies into something different. When I started this blog I had real visions of grandeur and used to eagerly await my rankings on various sites to see if you I was achieving what I set out to do. But over the months, or should I say years – these expectations have changed and now I have a much better idea of where I am going. I had similar expectations when I moved from primary school teaching to higher education and it is only recently that I have had a similar moment of realisation about things…

Are lectures/sessions worth it?

Ideas for my waffles come from a variety of sources, sometimes it is something someone says to me, or something I have heard. Other times ideas just spring into my mind and I decide that I need to write about that. Most often than not, it is something which I read that actually gets my thoughts a-racing and motivates me to get waffling. This week it is something which I have read a while ago which I logged for a future waffle which has subsequently been supported with another article which I read this morning. With semester two well underway, lectures and workshops are appearing once again in both mine and the students’ timetables. As the frequency of these increase, the question is always raised – are they worth actually attending?


Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 15

I most apologise for the shaky start to this episode, no matter how much I rehearse the initial click of the record button gets me nervous. Within this episode you will see monk fighting parrots, be directed to where you can see tutors as freshers and hear about my electronic toolkit which I use to support my learning at university. Run titles!