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Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 83

Hooray! the Tweets of the Week is back so you can see what the students have been up to throughout the week at YSJ. There is a quick roundup of the educational stories from last week and talk about some teaching ideas I have from the book Jack and the Beanstalk! – Enjoy – and after, consider yourself waffled.

Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 70

Phew – sorry I was late, but I did make it almost by eight and yes … I forgot to turn the mic on at the beginning – I definitely need a producer! In this show we have the news about academies in the Website roundup (if I manage to say it correctly) the Tweets of the week – all about maths games, and someone asks me about the colour of my eyes! – All in episode 70 of Wilson Waffling Live – Run titles!

Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 67 – Groupings

As well as the Tweets of the Week, the Website round-up and Ask Waffling Wilson, the topic for next week’s live show (Episode 67) is ‘Grouping children in the class’. What are your views about this? Let me know them via Twitter. We will have a look at what happened on my tweet timeline in Tweets of the Week and answer any questions which have been sent via Ask Wilson Waffling.

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