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Wilson Waffling does Apps – Backdraft

Nope this is not an application about fire or heroic fireman – it’s an application which can be used to pre-create tweets to send out with a touch of the ipad while you are teaching! The video might lag in places, this is because my iMac has died and I was recording the episode on my MacBook Pro.

Discussion with technology

There is that image which has been circulating of a whole load of men within a train carriage reading newspapers with the caption relating to the fact that we didn’t used to interact much more when there were no smart phones about. I sometimes wonder how we ever managed to meet in the middle of town without having a phone to say ‘I’m here!’ or ‘I’m running late!’ I guess we were just a lot more organised then. But does technology have an impact on social discussion and how people interact…this is the topic of this week’s waffle.

Science investigations and photobombing!

As part of the first year science module, the students complete their own group investigations in order to further develop their own scientific enquiry skills and subject knowledge. At the end the finished posters get photographed by myself before there is a photo opportunity for the students – of course this is prime photobombing time!