Scary Possibilities – future of education?

teenager cyborg

Do you ever have those moment when you start to think about something and then actually get worried or befuddled (<--great word!) as your thoughts progress. I often get it when I start to think about the vastness of space or whether there is an afterlife or even is that table actually made of atoms. I was talking to the students about effective use of technology within sessions and we started to wonder what possibilities might be available for the use of technology in the future and how it would support teaching and, more importantly, learning. I continued after the session in my thoughts and the possibilities might indeed be considered scary!

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Wilson Waffling Live -Episode 21 – Challenging Education and Discussions

Wilson Waffling Live -Recorded Sunday 2nd November 2014 – Episode 21 – Challenging Education and Discussions Got a question for the next Waffling Wilson show Want me to answer your question? add it at Twitter Wilson Waffling Blog Captured Live on Ustream at…

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Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 13

Usually Wilson Waffling Live is a video version about the week’s waffle plus some discussion centred on some articles which I have tweeted throughout the week. However, this week I wanted to share with you three points that you should remember when starting university. Also I decided that I would be brave and show you my photographs from my student ID cards! Enjoy! – cue titles!

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