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Sorry, I don’t fit into a box!

Sometimes I like to write these waffles to reflect on a topic or to talk about something which is on my mind. Sometimes, I feel like I want to have a rant. Recently, this is the mathematician in me, I have realised that I am paying one pound extra to have gingerbread syrup in my latte on the morning when, as a gold member, I usually get it free…yes it is a big deal and I have emailed 🙂 .This, however, is not what I want to rant about today – this week is a ranting waffle about boxes!

Capturing the visuals…

I always think that if I have watched something or bought an item of technology then I will instantly be able to actually do what ever I have watched or, using the piece of equipment, make or produce something special. The classic examples of these are watching tutorial videos and buy digital cameras. Unfortunately, although in the hands of an expert it might be true, buying a really expensive camera does not make me a great photographer! Taking photographs or images has changes throughout the years and now taking pictures/images has never been easier…but how are we engaging with this imagery and what do we actually use it for…time to waffle!