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Purpose of Education Challenge

I was scanning down my Twitter feed the other day, like you do, and I came across a tweet that presented a challenge. Never one to shy away from a challenge, and having no immediate topic to waffle about this week, I thought that I would accept the challenge and answer the question – “What is the purpose of education?”. This was one of the most difficult waffles I have written. As I mentioned before, academic writing like this is not my strong point. Oh – a requisite was to do it in less than 500 words – so this is the pre waffle and doesn’t count towards my wordage…

Why I waffle…

So this week’s waffle is a bit different. It is going to focus more on the twaddle part of the blog’s tagline rather than the teaching or tech – although I’m sure those two words will be mentioned somewhere. I thought I would let you know why I write my waffles every week and why I continue to produce Wilson Waffling Live. Although this is not something specific about teaching, think of it as a relax chat over a coffee and a rich tea biscuit.