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From the ashes like a Phoenix!

After all these waffles about targets you are probably ready for something completely different. Well today’s waffle is different in two ways – first its not specifically about targets and secondly its not like the usual waffles when I discuss something. This waffle is about something which is returning and, if you have the time, I would like your opinion about it – good and/or bad. What’s returning – well Wilson Waffling Live of course! Run titles!

Be brave, Be confident…

When I got up this morning and went out to defrost the car to drive for my morning coffee and blog writing session, the sun was shining, the air was cold but crisp, frost covered the cars and the Minster bells were ringing in the background. For a moment, I actually thought it was Christmas day again! but then I suddenly realised that it was targeting setting day…oh no. As I drove and settled down in my usual seat to start typing I titled this waffle the same as the thoughts which were in my mind…so, Let’s do this and be brave and confident about the year ahead.


Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 58

Is a jaffacake a cake or a biscuit? This was one of the questions from the Wilson Waffling Radio show which caused some interesting discussions on Twitter this week. The chat on Youtube came to life and we looked at some guest blogs from the student. So without any further delay – Let’s get waffling!