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Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 68

So this week I tried to change the format of the Website Roundup – I recorded it with a green screen and a teleprompter – the results? well I guess you need to see them to believe them! As well as the Website round-up there’s the Tweets of the Week and Ask Waffling Wilson and two new segments – Teacher Tidbits (ideas) and a segment all to do with holes. All on this week’s episode of Wilson Waffling Live – run titles!

The survey results are in!!

University is still on holiday at the moment and although many of the students are working hard, I thought I would take a couple of weeks away from the usual routine in order to bring other things up to date. A few weeks, well maybe months ago now, I shared a survey to see what people’s views and comments on the Wilson Waffling Live show were. I got a good response and I thought it would be worth just detailing what people thought and said in a waffle. It true waffling style, I’ll also be saying what I will be doing to address the comments. I know it sounds a bit dull, but I will try and spice it up a bit…(reaches for the paprika!)