Grammar schools? – Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 55

We are up to Episode 55 and I actually managed to get the show broadcasting to YouTube! The tweet of the weeks mainly features students’ work this week and the opinion minion focuses on the issues about grammar schools. Last week’s draw something actually gets a correct answer and the Ask Wilson Waffling is all about books. Enough content – Let’s get waffling!

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Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 51 – #wilwafflive

Episode 51 starts well, but slowly goes down hill! Tweets of the week brings us blurry first years, giraffe traffic jams and me as zombie Poirot! I share a previous waffle in the website round up when I make a startling confession and I have made the draw something competition easier for you all this week…run titles!

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Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 50 – #wilwafflive

After the summer break, Wilson Waffling Live is back! – even though my mic level was too high and will probably deafen you! There are some new segments in the show including the Opinion Minion and Website Round up! And of course there are the new titles to watch!

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