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Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 69

Well, you can’t say I don’t try! we are up to episode 69 and I still forget to put my mic on after some of the segments…will I ever learn :(. I have, however, added some fancy transitions to my Website Roundup and the Tweets of the Week include some posts from our Primary Education Website. I set you an activity to complete relating to putting a message in a bottle and I give you a time related problem in the teaching Idea segment – all this and some idle chat as well – what else could you possible want! Run titles!

Should we see our learners as our audience?

Over the weekends I spend some of my relaxing time streaming on TwitchTV. Indeed this morning I was up just before 4am to take part in the GameBlast 24hour stream on the OfficialXBoxOneUK channel – which raised over one thousand pounds for the charity – if you are interested you can still donate. When I volunteered I took the 5am-7am slot to stream and was surprised by the number of viewers I actually had at this time. Within the world of streaming, viewers and audience is very important since maintaining high numbers can actually get you partnered and provide you with a subscribe button. But how important are the audiences within learning? Are they already captivated or should we be working on gaining more? Well that is what this week’s waffle is all about.

From the ashes like a Phoenix!

After all these waffles about targets you are probably ready for something completely different. Well today’s waffle is different in two ways – first its not specifically about targets and secondly its not like the usual waffles when I discuss something. This waffle is about something which is returning and, if you have the time, I would like your opinion about it – good and/or bad. What’s returning – well Wilson Waffling Live of course! Run titles!