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The first ‘to do list’ app that I would like to look at is Clear. Although not available for the iPad, it is available for the iPhone and Mac, and the iPhone version will work on your iPad. This is a simple, yet effective list creator and organiser. It relies on various swipes and pinches to add and group lists together.

Tasks are easy to enter and organise, once you remember the finger swipes. The interface is clean and although just in some primary colours, surprisingly pleasant to look at. Your lists can be synchronised with your own devices although this would involve purchasing the iMac version which is slightly over priced in my opinion. The clear App costs £1.99 from the App Store and is a simple yet effective way to create your ‘to do’ lists.

Although I do like Clear, it is not my main task manager. I actually use it to create shopping lists or lists to do when I am in town. Being on my iPhone only it completes this task very well. Got more information about the application you can check out the website here

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