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University is still on holiday at the moment and although many of the students are working hard, I thought I would take a couple of weeks away from the usual routine in order to bring other things up to date. A few weeks ago, well maybe months ago now, I shared a survey to see what people’s views and comments on the Wilson Waffling Live show were. I got a good response and I thought it would be worth just detailing the comments and feedback in a waffle. It true waffling style, I’ll also be saying what I will be doing to address the comments. I know it sounds a bit dull, but I will try and spice it up a bit…(reaches for the paprika!)

It is always good to engage with your audience. Although I know and understand the aims of Wilson Waffling Live it is important that the people who are listening/watching it have a say in how it could be improved. Twelve people responded to the survey, so it wasn’t the largest sample size that I was hoping for but perhaps this reflects the number of people who watch either the live show or the recordings. I’m going to split the questions into sections and then briefly describe the common responses and then detail any actions or ‘justification’ for the responses. Does this sound like a university presentation????

  • Following social media accounts – The first section of the survey asked whether or not people followed me on Twitter and Instagram, whether they have liked my Facebook Page and finally if they had subscribed to my Youtube channel. Most of the responses here were ‘yes’. I did include an option that said ‘Have done now…’ and this was also chosen as a response. The response that gained the lowest positive response rate was the subscribing to Youtube. I’m not sure why this was the case. Maybe because people need a specific Google account to do this, or maybe they just keep up to date with the content when it is published on Facebook and/or Twitter. I do have this as an ‘entry’ in the monthly competition which I run. Currently I have 54 subscribers to the channel – guess I won’t be getting my plaque for 10k subscribers any time soon! I don’t think I need to do anything with this section since everything appears to be progressing well.

  • Wilson_Waffling_Survey_-_Google_Forms

  • Engaging Segments – The next section related to which segments of the Wilson Waffling Live Show they found useful, especially for their learning and/or engagement with the course. The responses here varied, although all four featured in the positive responses. Probably the lowest scoring segment was the three top tips in the Wilson Waffling section, which was somewhat disappointing since I always thought this would be helpful. Tweets of the Week and Website roundup scored highly which I was pleased about since I really enjoy both of these sections. What to do with these responses? – well obviously there are some positives and I’m going to keep them all, although maybe I need to look at the part when I give my own opinion about things…maybe this is not really necessary.

  • Possible improvements – This was the section of the survey which I was most interested in and which probably had the widest ranges of responses. I’m going to have a look at each in turn and say what I will be doing in response, if anything. Some people wanted some gaming content – this is a great idea, although the show is focused on education so it would seem strangely off topic to start to talk about the recent PS4 releases. This sort of content would probably be more appropriate on my personal blog or even on my radio show. Maybe I should do a second show…Wilson Waffling does Gaming! – now there’s an idea. There were responses which asked about interactive content, key questions or getting more people involved. I do try to interact with the chat throughout the live show and there is an opportunity to post me questions before the show about the chosen topic, which I would endeavour to answer live. It would be great to have other people involved in the show so I obviously need to request this more. Sometimes it is difficult to organise and to get people involved. If you are keen then by all means, get in touch! Some of the responses talked about relating the show to work people are completing at university. This is unlikely to happen since I want to try to keep the show as generic as possible so that it can be useful for the largest of audiences. The show in its entirety is long and there were requests to split it up into smaller chunks. This is a good idea and I have started to do this on the waffle where the video appears, setting up links for the segment headings so that you could, for example, jump straight to the Website roundup if you wanted. I will also be trying to put like a loading screen within the video which will allow viewers to do this directly from the video. Finally – a request for more fun music – yes I guess I have been using the same tune too often so I can definitely look into this.

  • That’s it! In summary, I’m going to get some more music, ensure you can jump to specific parts of the video so you can watch it in chunks, try and get more people involved and look at the Wilson Waffling Three top tips section to see if it can be changed. There will be no live show this week, due to everyone being away from university but it will definitely return the week after, so keep a look out for the next topics and how to get in touch with the show. Remember if you have any comments or thoughts about the show – or you would like to get involved, then I look forward to hearing your comments and ideas, so please add them in the comments below or send them to me via Twitter(@iwilsonysj), Facebook, Google+ or email.

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    Have fun and I’ll catch you later

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