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There comes a time when you have to accept that the end is nigh and that things have to be drawn to a conclusion…

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I’m wondering how many of you have put up the buntings and the balloons thinking that this would be a waffle declaring the end of Wilson Waffling – well sorry to disappoint! I actually had a waffle all ready for this week but decided to wait until after my break before I publish it. Yes I did say a break. If you know me, you will be aware that I am not very good at taking my annual leave and it always comes to this part of the year when I suddenly have it all left to take in a very limited time. I am attending the university’s open day on Monday and then I have three weeks booked off work to recharge my batteries before returning renewed and rejuvenated. However, I will not be doing nothing during this time, it is a perfect opportunity to get some of those jobs done on my site that I have been saying I will be doing and never getting round to. So this week’s waffle is sort of a job list for the next three weeks. Although this might not be cutting edge research or a hard hitting opinion waffle, it does give me something to look back on after the break to see what I have achieved. So here are my aims for my break…

  • Open Badges – I’ve had some open badges on my site for sometime, although they remain incomplete and unfinished. I know that some of my readers enjoy the gamification aspect of the site and I thought I would move this away from the Captain Up system which I currently use and have to pay for, towards my own version. Although it will not be as clicker friendly as before, I wanted to focus more on content rather than clicks and so have developed (or still developing) a system to reflect this. I have been considering a new type of waffle/feature called ‘Opinions’ – catchy name I know, it will probably change. This will be either as a individual waffle on the site or part of the Wilson Waffling Live show. Either way I am hoping to rejuvenate the discussion forums on the site as well, giving them new life and focus. A lot to get done just within this section, but more to come!

  • Titles and Teasers – If you watch Wilson Waffling Live, either the live show or the Youtube version, you will be aware that I have recently had some new music composed for the show. This left my opening titles sadly lacking and unsynchronised. Now is the time to create some new ones and I have subscribed to to learn how to use After Effects in order to achieve this. Coupled with the opening titles are the segment links when I usually put up an image and play a short sound bite to form the link. These also need to be done and combined, so hopefully making it easier for me to transition within the show. Although Wilson Waffling Live is planned, I rarely think, tweet or interact with it throughout the week and this needs to be addressed. Unfortunately I don’t have a marketing manager so I am hoping to create something which is quite automated to help me with this. Maybe even signing up for Hootsuite Pro so that I can bulk upload tweets for the week – if not it will be another task added to Sunday. I have some ideas for teasers throughout the week including more lip sync and maybe even daily blogs! (maybe I am setting myself too many targets here!) and I want to try and get all these in place for when I return. In the last live show, I experimented with having a pre-recorded section which I ran while having a drink. I thought this was successful so I have included Premiere Pro in my tutorials to watch in order to gain a complete understanding of this as well before I return. I want to plan and record some features ready for the return of the live show – quite excited about this if it works.

  • Minecraft and Virtual Worlds – I have some plans for the Minecraft Server as well which I need to get implemented. First, linking to the gamification of open badges, is a way to gain points through activities on the website or server in order to purchase additional abilities for a month. These abilities could include flying or mobile workbenches. Although initially these were going to be ranks – I think that in order to get things established, purchasing specific abilities will make it more manageable – although this might change when I get entrenched in the process. I also want to start streaming more from the server – including ideas for education and just general building etc – and, of course, encourage the other people on the server to stream or produce videos as well! I know I will be able to easily add a streaming schedule to my ‘routine’ for me, it is identifying a list of activities or projects which will keep me busy for a number of weeks – so brain storming will definitely be involved. And finally, for Minecraft, I have been saving up some money in order to buy two new servers – one will be a ‘lobby’ or starting area, while the new ‘big’ server will be a modpack server for people to ‘play’ on – most probably a Feed the Beast (FTB) server running the Departed Modpack. Fingers crossed for this!

  • Do you think that is enough to keep me busy? Usually I need to try and complete all the tasks associated with running my Wilson Waffling Empire while working full time as well, so I am looking forward to setting some time aside to put some work in developing it further and hopefully making it more informative and enjoyable for people who engage with all aspects of the ‘world’. Of course, during my three week break I will also be streaming my online games, attending the gym more often and spending long relaxing sessions in my favourite coffee shop.

    Although initially you might have thought I was leaving for good, I will only be not blogging for a few weeks and then, echoing that infamous phrase that probably frequents the recently released sequel, ‘I’ll be back!’

    Have fun and I’ll catch you all later – bye!


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