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At a Glance

  • Padlet is an online board which allows users to ‘stick’ post its onto for other people to see.
  • The post its can include text, links and images.
  • Padlets need to be set up before the activity and require a log in for the person setting it up
  • No log in is required for the people using Padlet
  • The board can be private or public or shared with specific people
  • The board can be embedded into a blog/website or link to from email/Moodle
  • The board can be accessed from any device including laptops


  • The creator of the board needs to have an account

How to support teaching and learning

Collecting information

Once the Padlet has been set up the link can be sent to the learners via email or Moodle in order to gain their thoughts and/or opinions. For example, within a professional session while looking at a series of sessions about planning, a Padlet was used to canvas what the students would want us to cover within the sessions. Or, when looking at behaviour, what sort of behaviour they had encounter while on placement to share and then engage with.

Response to articles

Either within sessions or as part of SOL tasks, a central question, image, quote or theme can be created and then students asked to post their comments, thoughts, replies around the central idea which can then be engaged with within the session.

Use of images

Within a mathematics session, images were taken by using the application ‘Snapchat’ which allowed for text to be added. These were then uploaded to Padlet in order to share with the cohort. This meant that the students’ ideas could be engaged with within sessions as well as allowing all the students to use other people’s ideas in the future.

Thoughts and Advice

We have also used Padlet to ask the students to provide advice for new students joining the course. The board can then be shared via email and or the Primary Education blog for future applicants.

How do you use Padlet?
Add your own ideas by going to this padlet.

Made with Padlet

Using your Padlet

Setting up your Padlet


Sarah Thomas · July 8, 2020 at 7:29 am

Hi Ian

Great videos! Thank you for sharing. I have a question I am hoping you might be able to answer….. I would like to set up padlet for my students to use. I want the students to use them like a blog – where they can upload their work (mostly images & videos) daily and share them with me. I would also like the students to be able to see each other’s padlets and to leave comments for each other but to not edit. Can each student be allocated a padlet which would work like this? Which of the different padlet posts would you recommend? stream? The padlets will be linked to the students Moodle accounts. Many thanks, Sarah

Louise Hart · August 8, 2019 at 12:23 pm

Hi Ian, two great videos – clear, engaging and just the right length! Have used Padlet before, but your videos reminded of some extra features I’d forgotten about – Templates, Layouts. Thanks for sharing.
What app/software did you use to record these videos – I like the way they run with you in the corner and your screen in the background?

Louise Hart · August 8, 2019 at 12:20 pm

Thanks Ian, Two great videos on setting up and using Padlet! Engaging and just the right length. Have used Padlet previously, but this was a good reminder of some of the features I’d forgotten about – Templates, Layouts. What software did you use to record these videos – I like how the screen shows you in the corner and your screen behind you……?

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