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So this waffle is not exactly about teaching primary school children, but more what technolgy I use in my higher education environment. Remember I am just adapting and starting out with this, so if you have any more ideas or comments on what I use or how I use it then please let me know in the comments. I’ve tried and provided an example of each programme I use.

    Here is BackDraft set up ready for a session

    Here is BackDraft set up ready for a session

  • Twitter – The use of this is well documented. I always try to tweet every day and use Buffer so that the information is sent out at regular intervals. This allows me to dedicate some time to organise the tweets and then let buffer post them. In a similar way I use Backdaft to organise tweets ready for a seminar or presentation so that I can tweet these with the hash tag without disrupting the flow of my session.
  • Explain Everything – This is an ipad app that I use to record some of my videos/screencasts. It allows you to import images or slides and provide a narrative to accompany them. This does require some pre planning but can produce some informative videos.
  • Screenflow – Screenflow is a Mac only programme, but there exists many other programmes that will capture your screen as you provide a narrative. Although initially this may appear to be the same as Explain Everything, Screenflow is a more substantial programme, allowing you to add animations and yourself from a webcam. You can find an example of how I use this here
  • Camtasia Relay – This is university owned software which is downloaded to our machines. Essentially I use this to provide a narrative for any PowerPoint presentations I give. I especially use these for when I am doing induction presentations, so that there is a copy of the presentation for a second look or a first look if people can not attend the session. Although you could record the narrative in ‘real time’ I tend to do it before so that the presentations are not identical.
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  • Sound recording software – I am being particularly vague here, mainly because there are so many of these free available including Audacity. These I use to record podcasts. These are essentially copies of my blog posts or discussions/Q&A sessions. You can use wesbsites such as Audiboo and Sound Cloud to store and share your podcasts and then add these to your blog posts. The benefits of this sound only approach is that you can easily record interviews or people’s responses on your phone and then add them to a sound file using the editing software. An example of my podcasts are at the start of each of my blog posts.
  • I hope this has given you some ideas of the programmes and applications which I use. If you have any questions then please let me know.

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    Have fun and catch you later!

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