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If you have been keeping up to date with the latest applications for the iPad then you will have heard of the application called TouchCast. There are many videos and blog posts out there about how to use this application, so I thought I would have a go at creating a video with the application and then see what I thought – you can see the final product below.


Essentially, once you have your virtual applications set up ready to record, making the video is easy. I did not use the teleprompter, preferring to ‘wing it’ but I could see it would have potential, especially if you want to be create the professional feel to the video. The hardest part of the video was not anything to do with TouchCast itself, but more about positioning the iPad to complete the recording and to still be able to interact with the application. I am not a fan of the front facing camera at the best of times!

The ability to add different applications to the video that people can interact with will definitely be beneficial for project work whether this be at a primary or higher education level. The application lends itself to effective preparation and planning which is an important skill for everyone to learn, and the final product is easily shared across the common social media sites or embedded into a blog post (see above). Viewing the TouchCast in a recommended browser (e.g. Chrome ) is beneficial and allows for full interaction. Here are some possible uses of TouchCast

  • Book Reports – By uploading images from a book can allow the children to record their views and even interview others. Webpages for the location of other reviews or where to buy the book can be added. Additional, a video could be created to advertise their book review on the class blog.
  • Trip Reports – Instead of writing about a trip, TouchCast could be used to create an account of the trip. Again images and websites could be added, but also a map of the location and also a poll/question to see what other children thought.
  • Shape detectives – Creating a shape trail around the school using the video can then be used as a basis to present further information or interaction.

There also exists many uses for this application within higher education. The finding and creating of the video is an important part of the learning and allows the student to engage with sources of information with a specific purpose in mind. My plan is to definitely use this application next semester for the students to create videos within the mathematics/science sessions.


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